Basic list of R commands

Today , I will give a brief introduction about basic commands used in R programming –

Memory Allocation – 

ls() – lists the objects that are currently in R’s memory

rm() – removes the names of the objects present in R’s memory, however, doesnt erase the objects



memory.size() – tells the current memory allocated to R

gc() – erases the objects and hence, reduces the memory allocation

System Date and Time –

Sys.time() – gives the current time according to the CPU. Keep in mind that R commands are case sensitive.

Sys.Date() – gives the current Date according to the CPU


Working Directory




Installing and Loading Packages –

install.packages(“Rcmdr”) – installs the package Rcmdr, notice the quotation marks

library(Rcmdr) – loads package Rcmdr or makes Rcmdr available for use(no quotation marks)









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