Downloading and Installing SAS University Edition

SAS University Edition is a free version of select SAS products for teaching and learning statistics and quantitative methods. Throughout the world both public and private sectors are experiencing a technical analytic skills gap. SAS is helping academia build the statistical knowledge and skills needed to fill this gap so that students can start their careers understanding how to solve problems with analytics – and employers can hire them.

How to download SAS University Edition?

  1. Visit the link
  2. Because SAS University Edition is a virtual application , one needs a virtualization software to run it. So, download Oracle VM VirtualBox or VMware Player and install it on your pc/laptop.
  3. Now, click on SAS® University Edition for (respective) Virtual applicationSAS1
  4. The website will prompt the user to either Log in or Create a new profile.  I’m sure most of us will need to create a new profile. SAS3
  5. Now, log in on the website and download SAS University Edition. The size of the software is around 1.5 GB. Hence to ease the download process, its better to use a download accelerator or download manager. I personally used Internet Download Manager.
  6. Unzip the downloaded file. Open the VMPlayer/VirtualBox installed on your machine and select Open a virtual machine and select SAS University Edition.sas4
  7. Click on Play virtual machine. When I first attempted this step, there was an error which said “Intel Virtualization Technology is not enabled”. Then I checked for my system compatibility and solution. I rebooted my laptop and checked into system setup or bios and enabled Intel virtualization technology. Check for your system compatibility and solution.
  8. Once installation is successful, click on Play virtual machine.sas5
  9. You’d see a window like the one shown above. Type the given address in your browser and hit enter. In my case, the address is “”
  10. Now, you’d see SAS Information Center like this one:sas6
  11. Click on Start SAS Studio. SAS University Edition window will open in a new tab.sas7
  12. Let’s start learning SAS now! Happy Learning!




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